You only get one… Match!

Macario  is a pyrotechnician who is responsible for fireworks in different locations. He is so hopeless that he keeps losing his matchboxes, but at least he always manages to keep a single match! Help him get his job done while travelling with him around the globe. Light all the fireworks in each level before the match extinguishes. Mind the mobs! If you fall or run too fast, the match will burn out faster.

You Only Get One… MATCH! or YOGO MATCH! for friends, is designed as a classic 80’s arcade game, a fast-paced platformer with an original gameplay and atmosphere. Super PangBaluba-Louk No DensetsuBomb Jack, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Me are its influences.

The game is freeware for Windows, Mac and Linux. Or whatever platform that runs Python and Pygame. It’s Open Source.

Get the game:

The game runs on Mac, but we don’t have one, so we cannot make a Mac build for you. Sorry! However, you can get the source code from GitHub and run it yourself

To run the game from the source code you must have Python and Pygame.

See the screenshots:


See more screenshots.

Who, How, When?

Originally created for the three-day Ludum Dare 28 competition, YOGO MATCH! was created by our game studio/family:

  • Ruber Eaglenest, proud father, interactive monk and editor at
  • Patricia, his 11 years old daughter. Incipient pixel artist and cartoonist.
  • Fenixin, nephew. A physics grade (not a boy any more) and Python wizard.
  • Finwe to the music from The Moonwalkers, closest friend to Fenixin.
  • And the little help of Ariadna, daughter of Ruber, with only 5 years old, drawing sketches for one of the most original stages.

The game is built in Python using Pygame with a new game engine created by Fenixin. After Ludum Dare we have been working hard to finish the game and deliver a great experience through an arcade retro style game.

The press

What the press has said about the game:

Indie Games The Weblog«a terrific game that would feel at home in a ’90s arcade»

PC Gamer«Wingless Little People have made a charming, old-fashioned arcade platformer where you have to get to the end of the level – remember that?»

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